The Science Behind Curfew's Dream Blanket

It started with an understanding that better sleep drives performance, creativity and well-being.

Curfew is the sister-brand of Bear, the fastest growing mattress brand in America. Bear has a long history of designing high-quality products that improve sleep.

The Bear team took over five years of research, customer feedback and product experience to build Curfew, a wellness brand solely focused on helping people sleep better using CBD and other natural products.

The Dream Blanket is the world's first CBD-infused blanket which uses the latest textile technology to deliver something truly unique and special. 

CBD is infused into the blanket using micro-encapsulation technology.

We infused the Dream Blanket fibers with CBD using a method called micro-encapsulation. Tiny droplets of CBD are wrapped in a protective coating. This patented technology protects the CBD droplets from evaporation, oxidation, and contamination.  The micro-encapsulated CBD is then bonded to yarn, which is then knit into the Dream Blanket. When you cozy up, the friction that is created will break the walls of the capsule, and release the CBD onto your skin.

The Dream Blanket delivers constant, slow-release exposure to CBD as you use it. Designed to help you relax and find some relief from the daily grind. Unwind at night and enter a more peaceful state of mind...