The Story Behind Curfew

The Story Behind Curfew

Hello. We Are Curfew.

We’re kinda obsessed with sleep. Sleep unlocks creativity. Sleep powers performance. Sleep defines our well-being.

That is why we create products to help you sleep better. We want to change the way you think about sleep wellness and relaxation.

Curfew originally comes from an Old French phrase “couvre-feu” which literally means to cover fire. In other words, to shut the lights off, to wind down and get ready to go to sleep. But, let’s be real. Most of us unwind from our very hectic day by watching some Netflix, scrolling through our phones, or squeezing in a bit of last-minute work. Our brains and our bodies have a hard time settling down. That’s why we are on a mission to improve sleep wellness.

We want you to unwind, quiet those chattering thoughts, relax into the night, and sleep better.

It’s beyond sleep, it’s about sleep wellness

Getting a good night's sleep is hardly a new idea. We all know getting a less-than-ideal sleep can leave us feeling cranky, our minds foggy and our bodies sluggish. Lack of sleep can also impact our metabolism, hormones, and immune system. 

Not sleeping used to be something to brag about – but no longer. Now, getting a full night's sleep shows you’re taking care of yourself.

Sleep wellness is beyond just getting 8 hours a night. Sleep wellness, like eating well, is a cornerstone of a healthy life. It’s creating positive habits and behaviors around sleeping. This can include consistent bedtime rituals, making sure your room is set up for sleep with correct lighting and temperature, and investing in products designed to help you sleep better.

That is why we created Curfew. Because it’s not just about catching a few zzz’s, it’s about improving your sleep wellness.